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He wrote a secret plan to subjugate Moldova by Russian intelligence

He wrote a secret plan to subjugate Moldova by Russian intelligence

The ten-year strategy by the FSZB was completed in 2021 and has just been announced.

Russia’s FSB intelligence service has developed a secret strategic plan detailing how to bring Romania’s eastern neighbor Moldova under Russian influence, according to research by the Western Investigative Media Consortium, also provided by CNN on Friday. According to this, the main possibilities of destabilizing Moldova are as follows

  • support for pro-Russian groups,
  • The use of the Orthodox Church
  • and threats to cut off natural gas supplies.

According to the signs, the document was drawn up with the aim of thwarting Moldova’s catching up with the West. According to the Russian perception, the eastern European country threatens Russia’s national interests with its approach to NATO and its request to join the European Union. The document repeatedly refers to the fact that Moldova should be prevented from joining NATO.

According to CNN, the document will be published in 2021 by the Directorate responsible for cross-border cooperation at the FSB. written by. the address:

Strategic objectives of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Moldova.

The express goal of the ten-year strategy is to return Moldova, a former Soviet republic wedged between Ukraine and Romania, into Russia’s sphere of influence. Part of the plan is to make Moldova dependent on Russian gas imports, to cause social conflicts, and to try to prevent Moldova from gaining influence in the breakaway, pro-Russian region of Transnistria, where about 1,500 Russian soldiers are currently stationed.

The five-page document is divided into several chapters, with precisely defined short, medium and long term goals. Short-term goals include “supporting political forces in Moldova that advocate constructive relations with the Russian Federation” and “neutralizing the Republic of Moldova’s efforts to eliminate Russia’s military presence in Transnistria”.

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Among the medium-term goals are “obstruction of Romania’s expansionist policy in the Republic of Moldova” and “obstruction of cooperation between the Republic of Moldova and NATO”.

Among the long-term goals of the FSB document were, among other things, the creation of “stable pro-Russian influence groups in Moldova’s political and economic elite”, and

Develop negative attitudes towards NATO.

Regarding the document on Thursday Dmitry PeskovThe Kremlin spokesman also spoke out, specifically denying its existence.

We know nothing of the existence of such a plan. I do not exclude that this is another fake. Russia has always been and remains open to building good-neighborly and mutually beneficial relations, including with Moldova

He said. Peskov added: They deeply regret that the current leadership of Moldova bears “unwarranted and unfounded prejudices” against Moscow.

As a reminder: Russia recently accused Ukraine of planning to invade and occupy adjacent Transnistria. Russia’s Defense Ministry said in February that Ukrainians were stockpiling weapons in several border villages. But Moldova and Ukraine denied these accusations. Russian President Vladimir Putin The Russian president also revoked a 2012 decree granting Moldova’s sovereignty in February, saying

This is the condition of Russia’s national interests in connection with profound changes in international relations.

In recent weeks, the Moldovan authorities have arrested several pro-Russian activists, as well as an alleged employee of Wagner’s mercenary army, who had tried to enter the country. Several demonstrations took place in the capital, Chisinau, organized by a pro-Russian party.

Both Ukraine and the United States have warned of the danger of Russian expansion threatening the Moldovan government. Last Friday, the White House said: “Russian actors, many of whom are currently connected to Russian intelligence, are seeking to organize protests in Moldova and use them to foment a feigned insurrection against the Moldovan government.”

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According to Western intelligence sources, there is no wonder in the Russian strategy in itself, as the government seeks closer cooperation with European countries and the United States of America.

current president of moldova, Maya Sandhu In 2020, he was replaced by a friend of the Kremlin Igor Dodon. The pro-Western Malaysian Islamic Party won the parliamentary elections the following year. However, this year the pro-Russian Shor party has already been organizing weekly demonstrations in Chisinau. The escape from energy prices was a perfect fit for the protests. The party also undertakes to transport the demonstrators.

He is the leader of the pro-Russian Shore Party Ilan Shore, a businessman with ties to Russia who is suspected of obtaining billions of dollars from Moldovan banks in 2014. Although convicted of fraud, he consistently maintains his innocence. The pro-Russian businessman is most likely in Israel at the moment.

The partnership originally published included FSZB Süddeutsche Zeitung, Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) and Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR); Frontstory, Kyiv Independent, VSquare, RISE Moldova, Swedish Expressen, Dossier Center for Investigative Journalism, Yahoo News and Delfi participated.

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