Syrian refugees receive stones from Belarusian soldiers

Syrian refugees receive stones from Belarusian soldiers

In Poland, journalists are severely restricted in field coverage of the refugee crisis at the Belarusian border, and they can see the situation only with official escorts.

a Politico His reporter arrived in the border forest with three MEPs, where he also met with refugees. A Syrian man said he crossed the border six times and was brought back by Polish soldiers five times. From the other side, the Belarusian soldiers gather the waiters at night and send them in small groups to the Polish side, at which time they also deliver stones for throwing the Poles.

Belarusian authorities since summer they sell Tourist visas and airline tickets in the Middle East, promising to lure shoppers to the European Union. A large part of the scammed refugees in Belarus were stuck in the icy forest on the border.

Refugee tent on the Belarusian side.

Photo: SEFA KARACAN / Anadolu Agency via AFP

The Belarusian police reportedly robbed and beat these people and gave them contaminated water, making them sick. Sometimes they were stripped, their clothes burned, and looted Syrians chased with dogs to Poland.

They are usually deported to Belarus by Polish soldiers without any investigation before being sent back. If they are lucky, sooner or later they will meet with the personnel of an aid organization sooner than the border guards, and then have a chance to get to a refugee camp in Poland. (

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