He simply couldn't miss National Sports not to make an inaugural campaign for Viktor Orbán

He simply couldn’t miss National Sports not to make an inaugural campaign for Viktor Orbán

Giorgi Zulusi has never hidden his feelings for Viktor Urban or Lornec Mizzaros, so we’re not surprised.

Editor in Chief editorial Standing next to the Urban Government for National Sports. The article by György Szöllősi lists the successes of Hungarian sport for a long time since 2010: the organization of Olympic medals and sporting events, the football team’s entry to the European Championships, the start of Sportrádió (owner: György Szöllősi) and, of course, the construction of the stadium. Then, at the end of the article, he comes to the only conclusion to be drawn: he who loves sports will vote for Viktor Urban, since

“Following the above facts and results, we can hope for more successes and experiments in the coming years.”

What is not mentioned in the article is, for example, billions of public money corruptly spent on TAO grants, and the ineffectiveness of Hungarian football academies in the tens of billions. quality assembly), or how government policy has stabilized Hungarian sport, with almost all sports federations ruled by state politicians and exclusionary party politicization emerging on the stands.

György Szöllősi, President of the Hungarian Sports Journalists Association, recently presented awards to Nemzeti Sport journalists at Nemzeti Sport. In the article by György Szöllsi Appears in several picturesOf the four winners combined.

Between 2007 and 2014, György Szöllősi was the Director of Communications at the Puskás Academy in Felcsút.

Almost in pictures of very friendly conversations breakthroughwho – which chemistry works between the two men. György Szöllősi considered him important in the opening to stand Also next to the sports brand Lőrinc Mészáros. The Hungarian song by Giorgi Zulusi was chosen as the Fidesz campaign slogan at Sports of the Year in January walked on stage. By the way, National Sports journalists regularly defend in their articles their opinions that “we should not confuse sports with politics.”

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open photo: György Szöllősi (wearing glasses) with one of the leaders of the Civil Cooperation Forum organizing the peace march, Zoltán Lomnici Jr. picture: György Szöllősi Facebook

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