Breaking a long record, Katinka wrote history as a Dutch classic

Ranomi Kromoidjogo became the most successful female cyclist ever in the history of the World Short-Track Swimming Championships before Long Katinka.

The 31-year-old Dutchman reached the finals of Tuesday’s game in Abu Dhabi with 26 coins in World Cup history, and the three-time Hungarian Olympic champion was ahead of him in the women’s standings.

Kromovidjogo immediately set his long record with a bronze medal in the first issue of the evening finals, the 4 x 50m sprint, and then made history by finishing second in the sprint 50m final an hour and a half later.

Ranomy Kromwedjogo with a gold medal in the neck of the 50-meter butterfly strokeSource: Agence France-Presse / Attila Kispendek

“Of course I am very happy, but also a little disappointed, because I really wanted to win at the speed of fifty times, which would have made me the first to win one of the five world championships. I am very proud of this complex result, especially since I was There since 2010. To be among the best.”

Poland’s Radoslaw Kawicki, by beating the man’s back at 200 meters, became the first player in the history of the sport to stand on the top of the podium with backstrokes at four world championships.

Before Christoph Rassovsky at the Tokyo Olympics, 1500m gold medalist Florian Willbrook triumphed in 14:06.08, giving Italian Gregorio Paltrinieri a time of 14:08.06 minutes past.

This was the fourth world record in a fight in the United Arab Emirates.

100m World Champion Speed:
Alessandro Merisi (Italy) 45.57sec
2 – Ryan Heald (USA) 45.63
3 – Joshua Lindo Edwards (Canada) 45.82

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200m return, world champion:
Radoslaw Kawiki (Poland) 1: 48.68 min
2. China Casas (USA) 1: 48.81
3. Christian Diener (Germany) 1:48.97

50m Chest World Champion:
Nick Fink (USA) 25.53 seconds
2 – Niccol Martini (Italy) 25.55
3- Joao Gomes Jr. (Brazil) 25.80

4 x 100m medley relay, world champion:
Italy (Lorenzo Mora, Niccol Martinini, Matteo Revolta, Alessandro Merisi) 3: 19.76 min
2. United States (Shane Casas, Nick Fink, Julian Trenton, Ryan Heald) 3:20.50
3. Russian Swimming Federation (Kliment Kolishnikov, Daniil Semyaninov, Andrei Minakov, Alexander Shigolev) 3: 20.65

1500m speed, world champion:
Florian Willbrook (Germany) 14: 06.08 min – world record
2 – Ahmed Hefni (Tunisia) 14: 10.94
3. Mikhailo Romantsuk (Ukraine) 14: 11.47

4x50m MotoGP World Champion:
US (Abby Wetzel, Claire Kerzan, Kathryn Berkoff, Kate Douglas) 1:34.22 min
2. Sweden (Sarah Sjostrom, Michelle Coleman, Sarah Junivik, Louis Hanson) 1:34:54
3. Hollandia (Kim Busch, Maaike de Waard, Kira Toussaint, Ranomi Kromowidjojo) 1:34.89

200m Breaststroke: World Champion:
Emily Escobedo (USA) 2:17.85 min
2. Yevgeny Shikunova (Russian Swimming Federation) 2:17.88
3. Molly Renshaw (Great Britain) 2:17.96

100m butterfly, world champion:
Margaret McNeil (Canada) 55.04 seconds
2- Louis Hanson (Sweden) 55.10
3 – Claire Karzan (Sweden) 55.39

50m world sprint champion:
Sarah Sjostrom (Sweden) 23.08 seconds
2 – Ranomy Kromovedjogo (Hollandia) 23.31
3. Katerina Wasek (Poland) 23.40 Sweden (Louis Hanson, Sophie Hanson, Sarah Sjostrom, Michael Coleman) 3:46.20 min

2. Kanada (Klyie Masse, Sydeny Pickrem, Margaret Macneil, Kayla Sanchez) 3:47.36
3 – China (Peng Shu-He, Tang Shen-Ting, Cheng Yu-Head, Cheng Yu-Chi) 3:47.41

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