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Half the world is watching: Super Tuesday is coming

Half the world is watching: Super Tuesday is coming

Voting is held in nearly every region of the country, from the West Coast to the East Coast, on the day of the primary election known as Super Tuesday.

Registered Republican and Democratic voters In california, In Texas, In Oklahoma, Utah And Colorado In the states, In Arkansas And In Minnesota They vote. Between the southern states of the country In Alabama And TennesseeIn, on the east coast Virginia And North Carolina United States, as well as in the northeastern part of the country known as New England Vermont, who And Massachusetts They vote in the states. Republicans on Tuesday In Alaska They can also use the right to nominate the president. belonging to the United States American Samoa On this day, registered Democratic voters can vote for their presidential candidate.

The outcome of the Republican primary in Colorado has a direct impact on the decision made by the federal Supreme Court on Monday.

The committee supported Donald Trump's petition challenging the Colorado Supreme Court's decision last December to prevent him from running. The Supreme Judicial Forum in Colorado indicated the possibility of holding Donald Trump responsible for the events of January 6, 2021 and his involvement in acts of sedition. the Federal Supreme Court Under its unanimous decision, the Judicial Council of Colorado had no right to make such a decision, and therefore the votes cast for Donald Trump on March 5 must also be taken into account when counting the votes.

Based on public opinion polls released over the past five days in the national Republican primary race Donald Trump Its advantage seems unattainable. A poll conducted by The New York Times on Saturday showed that the former president enjoys the support of 76% of Republican voters, while 76% of Republican voters support him. Nikki Haley 21 percent support the former South Carolina governor. A day earlier, Forbes also published the results of its latest research, according to which 79% support Donald Trump, while 12% support Nikki Haley.

He promised tougher competition Virginia The state's primary elections will be held on Tuesday, where Donald Trump's lead is more moderate, 51 percent, while his opponent can expect 43 percent based on a public opinion poll published last Friday. In the nation's dominant state, California, which has an overall Democratic majority, in the race for Republican presidential candidates, polls show that Donald Trump's lead is close to the national average.

Since the incumbent is re-elected within the Democratic Party, there are no potential challengers against him based on martial law, therefore Joe Biden His support is overwhelming in the primary process. According to a poll conducted by the New York Times, 79% of Democratic voters support the president Dean Phillips The congressman is supported by 10 percent.

In the Republican race, according to Monday's summary, Donald Trump has already received 244 delegate votes important for finalizing the presidential candidacy, while Nikki Haley, after Sunday in DC, has received 244 delegate votes important for finalizing the presidential candidacy. . Washington, DCHe was able to win with 43.

a Republicans A total of 2,149 votes are allocated to delegates during the primaries, meaning 1,215 votes are needed for a majority. The fate of 874 such votes will be determined on Super Tuesday. According to experts, if Donald Trump obtains a majority of these votes, his candidacy can be considered politically inevitable, even if Nikki Haley still has a mathematical chance of reversing the result.

Donald Trump and his campaign team have set a goal of deciding the race and securing more than 1,215 delegate votes by mid-March.

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a the Republican Party The presidential nominating convention is held in Milwaukee in mid-July Democratic Party In mid-August in Chicago, after which it will be final who the two parties will nominate in the presidential election on November 5.

Cover photo: Republican presidential candidate and former US President Donald Trump speaks at a campaign event in Greensboro, North Carolina on March 2, 2024. Image source: Alex Wong/Getty Images

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