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Half a year later, the Chinese astronauts returned home, breaking a record

Half a year later, the Chinese astronauts returned home, breaking a record

The Three Emperors successfully returned to Earth from the Chinese space station on Saturday after setting a Chinese record for time spent in space, MTI wrote.

space cabin Fang Gaping An astronaut and two companions, with Chai Chang And Ji Kwang Foval It landed Saturday morning in the Gobi desert in the northwestern part of the country. The landing was broadcast live on Chinese state television.

Returning from a space station orbiting Earth at an altitude of about 400 kilometers took just over nine hours.

The Shenzhou-13 (Magic Ship) crew has been in space for six months, longer than previous Chinese astronauts – nearly double the previous Chinese record set last year. The crew of three set out on October 16 for their current mission.

During their time at high altitudes, the three astronauts, known as the Tajkonauts in China, took part in two spacewalks, conducted a series of science experiments, and prepared for the further expansion of the space station known as Tienkung (Heavenly Palace).

Vang Ja-ping was not only the first female astronaut aboard a central unit called Heavenly Harmony (Tienho), but she was also the first to conduct a spacewalk.

In the next phase, a cargo ship is scheduled to arrive at the space station next month, which will deliver fuel and other necessary equipment, among other things, in preparation for the Shenzhou-14 flight expected by June. Two more modules will be launched into space later this year for the main part of the future space station.

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