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György Korda also revealed the secret of the vase

György Korda also revealed the secret of the vase

As our newspaper also reported, Azhariya – Attila Bawku – singer and YouTuber will give three concerts in Puskás Square next year. Almost all tickets for his concerts were sold out in seconds. In other words, a total of 150 thousand tickets were sold for a concert, so at the end of May, full houses are waiting for the young musician for three nights in a row. Its popularity was demonstrated not only by the unprecedented traffic at ticket offices, but also in online spaces, where On his YouTube channel The videos that can be found have already been viewed nearly 323 million times.

Al-Azhariya in one of its concerts. Photo: MTI/Tamás Vasvári

Many experienced singers and musicians, from Robert Sikora to Sarolta Zlatnay, have performed with unparalleled success.

Hungary’s success is similar to the current Azhar phenomenon, Robert Sikora reported for Index.

The history of Al-Azhar and Hungary is very similar, as the public chose and singled us out among many artists. There’s no reason or what the secret is, it just happened. That year Hungary also became a phenomenon, and now it’s the same for Al-Azharia.

Robert Sikora said.

In the Tények program on TV2 Many singers were also asked about the secret to the 21-year-old musician’s success. According to György Korda, Azharism was able to give people something they had not yet received from anyone else. Éva Csepregi said that there are no secrets in pop music. According to his opinion, the young artist acquired a current that allowed him to achieve this success.

Maybe because of his words, or maybe he felt how the hearts of young Hungarians beat

Eva Sebregi said.

Sarolta Zlatnay will be the vocalist for the Al-Azhariya

Sarolta Zlatnay also praised the vase. “At first I didn’t understand the text suddenly, what is this now, now then in English? Or mixed with black rap? Or Hungarian? I didn’t know where we were. But then I got used to it and I said to myself that all these changes are legal. But how are they so popular ?Well, I’m a little envious that this did not happen in our time” – Zlatnay Sarolta even added that she would like the young musician to be a vocalist at one of her concerts.

In a Facebook post, organist Xavier Varnos praised the Hungarian singer, who, in his opinion, arrived at the right time to address today’s young Hungarians. According to him, we need not only Nobel Prize-winning researchers, but also those artists who are open and honest.

Majka also praised the favorite singer of Generation Z and Alpha on her page on the social networking site.

Al-Azhariya is an incredibly popular performer because her songs are very different and talk about different things than her contemporaries. This is enough to make him more popular than them.

the rapper wrote.

The Azaria phenomenon is sure to continue and expand after the trio’s big musical show.

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