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Google Meet and Duo دمج integration

Google Meet and Duo دمج integration

Google announced the other day that it will be integrating Meet and Duo. The former is a communications platform designed specifically for business users, while the latter is designed for the layman as a sort of FaceTime alternative. The merger will take place later this year.

According to the official statement, Meet functionality will be gradually integrated into the Duo app in the coming weeks. Later, but later this year, the app will be renamed Google Meet, and it will essentially be Google’s only video calling service in the future.

In any case, many will surely complain that the decision makers and giant developers of search engines cannot sit on their own, forcibly changing the applications they create, but let’s hope in the end, something good will come out of all this.

For those still using Duo, there will be no private transition, no promise to download a new app, and contacts, all past conversations and message history will be preserved. All they will notice is that one day Duo will already be in their library under the name Meet and they have been enriched with some additional features.

These additional features include customizable virtual wallpapers that you can use during calls and meetings, text chat during meetings, live content sharing, and video calls with up to hundreds at a time. It will feature an improved video and audio experience, as promised by Google, enhanced by noise filtering, and integrating additional search giants like Gmail, Calendar, Assistant, and Chat.

source: GSMArena

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