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Google is delighting motorists with a series of new applications

Google is delighting motorists with a series of new applications

Among other things, the new Android-powered car will have Zoom and Prime Video.

Android Auto, which emerged nearly a decade ago as a competitor to Apple’s automotive platform, has seen a lot of things since its arrival. Recently, there have been compatibility issues with ZLink, but earlier there was also talk that Google would launch the app. In the end, this did not happen, on the contrary, the company plans to update it with a series of new functions.

According to plans, many new features will be included in the latest car software update that is about to be released. Among other things, they are preparing to equip the Android car with The Weather Channel, which is the most popular weather application from Google Play. This app can warn you in real time when weather conditions are expected that affect safe traffic, but it also indicates the current forecast weather condition hourly.

More new features will come with the update. For example, the program will support the use of the digital car key in certain types of cars after Europe in the United States, Canada and Korea. Prime Video will also be included in the infotainment platform, with the proviso that the owner will only be able to use it when the car is parked, so as not to distract the driver.

Google is also expanding the range of services available through its Zoom and WebEx By Cisco services, so users can join their planned meetings on the go, and of course on an audio-only basis.

Interestingly, at the beginning of the 2000s, we were using communication devices in cars almost exclusively for navigation, and today the range of embedded applications is much wider. Even if we now think that more functionality than this is not needed, developers are unlikely to stop there. If necessary, they create demand for more.

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