Google flees severe punishment in Russia

They try a cunning legal trick to keep the goats full and preserve the cabbage.

A Moscow appeals court upheld yesterday’s April decision, ordering Google to recover a file Kargrad TV Disable your YouTube channel.

The television station, which enjoys the personal support of President Putin, was founded in 2015 by Konstantin Malofeyev, who asked former Fox News producer Jack Haniko to join the predominantly monarchy. To launch a channel that broadcasts Orthodox religious content. Since 2014, Malofeyev has been treated persona non grata for illegal business practices and political activity in the United States, Canada and the European Union, and has been subject to personal sanctions, and Ukraine issued an international arrest warrant in 2017 for allegedly committing an illegal paramilitary group. Organized forces in eastern Ukraine.

Google suspended its TV channel, which has 1 million TV subscribers, in 2020, not for content reasons, but on the basis of the aforementioned Western sanctions or violations of trade rules, and claimed in subsequent action that if they did not do so, the United States could expect fines . The two parties had already agreed on the situation in August of this year, but the negotiations were unsuccessful.

Under the current court ruling, Google is required to take back the Cargrad TV channel – if they fail to do so, they will have to pay a fine of 100,000 rubles (about 420,000 forints) per day, with the maximum fine (including those already imposed) in the first nine months It can reach a billion rubles, after which there is no limit.

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Google doesn’t seem to want to pay, so today’s court order has been executed – but in a very difficult way, today Cargrad TV is furious from her contacts it turns out. The company recalculated the TV, the channel, but – taking the verdict literally – that’s all it did. Thus, the material in the Cargrad Archive can be viewed, but Google does not provide any access, rights or other functionality, previous comments are hidden, and therefore TVs cannot upload new material, communicate, etc. There is only one exception: the live broadcast can continue on the channel.

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