Gergelyék Karácsony was reported due to the BKV bus scandal

Gergelyék Karácsony was reported due to the BKV bus scandal

István Tényi filed a police complaint to Our partner Because of the bus rental scandal that broke out before PestiSrá According to the information, Tényi filed a complaint because the BKV entered into a lease agreement with a Cyprus offshore company. In the owner’s network, strings lead all the way to Tamás Leisztinger surroundings. The businessman was previously the partner of Deputy Mayor Kata Tutu.

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In fact, if this is proven, a forged private document may be suspected. In his opinion, it is necessary to examine whether the references made during the conduct of public procurement cover the reality. According to the information BRFK sent to the newspaper, they received the report, which, according to the information, is not being investigated by the Budapest police, but by the ORFK.

Meanwhile, the The Hungarian nation He writes that a chassis number for non-existent buses has been entered in the tender for CR-Facilities Zrt. , A Cypriot offshore company that won the public procurement for BKV bus rental, but even the data on the proposal and planning contradict each other. For reference, the company tried to sell a recommendation issued to a Swiss company as its own.

And the capital faction of Fides wrote an open letter to the mayor. Zolt Lang, the party leader in the capital faction, did not receive any answers to his previous questions. Therefore, the questions raised continue Waiting for an answer by Girjili Caraxone, Including

  • When will the substantive investigation of the proceedings begin?
  • On what basis was the contract terminated?
  • How will the missing six buses be replaced?
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