Mostantól a Netflix eldöntheti helyetted, mit nézz bevezetőkép

From now on, Netflix can decide what you want to watch

Play Something is sharpened, allowing you to randomly play movies and series.

You may have already realized that the more time you spend browsing Netflix, the shorter the time to watch an episode of a series. There is a lot of interesting content on the platform, and it’s hard to decide what we’re spending our free time on, but the now armed feature might help.

Play Something is now available for everyone, letting you request a custom recommendation with the touch of a button.

It works so that when we press the button, the system presents three options: a series or movie similar to what we have watched before, an episode or movie that we have watched and may have watched again in the past, and an episode of a series that we started but didn’t end in the end. Out of these, it is perhaps the easiest for us to decide who we are.

In the video below, Will Arnett plays a Scroller who is tired of scrolling. See for yourself for that.

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