Formula 1: Valtteri Bottas continues to play at Alfa Romeo - it's official

Formula 1: Valtteri Bottas continues to play at Alfa Romeo – it’s official

As previously announced, the official Formula 1 World Championship website announced early on Monday that Mercedes’ Valtteri Bottas will be one of the riders at Alfa Romeo’s stable from next season.


Bottas (left) arrives at Raikkonen (right) (Photo: AFP)

The official website of the Formula 1 World Championship has announced that Finnish Valtteri Bottas will be an Alfa Romeo driver from next season, so he will be able to work again with his former boss Fred Vasseur, who won the GP3 Championship in 2011. In the ART GP fold.

Bottas has been a teammate of Lewis Hamilton’s stable at Mercedes since 2017, and while his teammate has won 46 races four world titles, he has managed to podium 54 times with the 32-year-old Finn’s victory in 9 races. .

His future at Mercedes has been uncertain for a long time, and his place in the world title bar is sure to be replaced by Williams’ George Russell, like Bottas.

Bottas is seen as a huge boost at Alfa Romeo, having run 169 races so far, making her one of the most experienced racers in the field for next year.

“A new chapter in my racing career begins when I joined Alfa Romeo in 2022, a team, a brand that doesn’t need to be introduced to anyone. I am grateful to the team for the trust they placed in me in advance, and can’t wait to get rid of it.” Formula 1 quotes Bottas as saying, which also states that the Finn has signed a multi-year contract with the team.

Bottas’ best Mercedes moments

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