Formation of an old government and a new coming in Latvia -

Formation of an old government and a new coming in Latvia –

Karen’s new right-wing Liberal Party (Jauna Vienotiba) won parliamentary elections in October, taking 26 seats in the 100-member parliament, according to MTI.

Levits had previously allowed Karens to hold watered-down talks with potential coalition partners. On November 3, an agreement was reached on the formation of a government with the participation of Occe Egyz, the centrist conservative United List (AS) and the conservative National League. The three-way alliance has 54 seats in the 100-member Legislative Council.

“Certainly this alliance is reasonably stable and has enough common ground,” Levits said on Tuesday.

Karens described comprehensive economic transformation as the main task of his government.

A parliamentary vote is also required to approve the person of the prime minister. According to Karen, this could happen in a few weeks.

Karins was born in the United States in 1964 to Latvian parents who immigrated to America after the Soviet occupation of Latvia. He studied linguistics at the University of Pennsylvania. In 1997 he moved to Latvia, where he was initially engaged in commercial activities. He later took on a political role, becoming Minister for the Economy and then a Member of the European Parliament. Prime Minister of Latvia since 2019.

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