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Fitness training can reduce recovery time after cancer

Fitness training can reduce recovery time after cancer

For years, Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) has allowed newly diagnosed cancer patients to prepare in the gym for chemotherapy treatments that tax their bodies and souls. Experts hope that, thanks to the training, sufferers will better tolerate the pain and experiences associated with treatment, and recover more quickly afterward.

“It is becoming more and more clear that it is beneficial to restore body shape before major operations or chemotherapy treatments. This actually lays the foundation for our recovery before treatment” NHS director Simon Stephens told the BBC he was optimistic about the method’s effectiveness.

It is planned that every cancer patient living on social security in the UK will have the opportunity to enter a pre-rehabilitation program within 48 hours of diagnosis. It is believed that thousands of patients awaiting intervention will take advantage of this opportunity.

Although they do not make an exact exercise plan for those affected, British doctors recommend that patients go to the gym at least three times a week before surgery. Specialists also advocate for program participants to perform high-intensity cardio and strength exercises, which can be supplemented with nutritional counseling and mental health treatment.

At an older age, we also seek a doctor’s advice before starting regular training.
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More than five hundred people in Manchester and its catchment area are already taking part in the programme, and another two thousand want to take advantage of the opportunity in the next two years. At the same time, those in need can use the service not only in the northwestern tip of the UK, but also in London, Leicester and Yorkshire.

According to the latest impact evaluations, the method improves the physical and mental condition of patients who recover faster after surgery, and many of them can continue their recovery at home.

David Fowles decided to join the program before his ten-and-a-half hour operation.

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“Before, they said I had to stay in the hospital for up to three or four weeks after the operation, but after nine days I went home. It’s unbelievable what so much training has done for me! I never thought I would one day end up in Gym. If someone ever expected this to me, I’m sure I’d smile.” – the 68-year-old pensioner rejoiced.

In Hungary, visiting gyms before surgery is not an unknown way to prepare patients, but only a few take advantage of this opportunity.

Pre-qualification is also known in Hungary – said sports nutritionist Ildiko Kovacs, an employee of SportVitalitás, who emphasized that the key to a successful intervention is the close cooperation between the doctor, the medical staff and the patient. – more local health care providerThey also carry out similar activities in other places, and similar activities in other places, without being associated with pre-rehabilitation terms. The goal is to put the patient in an appropriate mental and physical condition before starting major surgical interventions or treatments that put great stress on the body, thus reducing the risks and potential complications of the intervention, as well as accelerating recovery. A ‘preventive’ activity can aim to strengthen and prepare the appropriate nutritional status, physique or specific muscle groups, or even create an optimal state of mind. Thus, rehabilitation means a complex activity considering the ‘whole person’ and the expected intervention.

Here’s how pre-rehabilitation works in the Netherlands (with English subtitles).

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