Fallout 76 - Heading to Pittsburgh next year!

Fallout 76 – Heading to Pittsburgh next year!

E3 2021

Until the start of the new expedition, we’ll still have time to complete the soon-to-be-coming set of Steel Reign quests.

06/20/2021 14:51 | Greg | Class: E3 2021

a fallout 76 To put it mildly, he didn’t take off while he was كان Bethesda He was hoping not to mention a series of scandals. On the other hand, over the years since then, little by little he has managed to change the game somewhat, and in the end only found his fan base.

It might be good news for them that the creators are throwing post-apocalyptic adventures with new content this year and next. The Steel Reign Mission Series will be released later this year and will debut as a free upgrade for all players. In this, we will fight for the peace of the Appalachians as we discover a new location and collect a bunch of new things. He will lead the release of this new event, Coming Storm, which will run from June 15 to July 6. And starting June 16, the game will be free for a week, so everyone will be free to try it out.

The makers won’t turn their backs on Fallout 76 next year either. A new expedition called The Pitt is being prepared. In this we can travel to Pittsburgh, but we don’t know much more than that yet. ■

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