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This is how to adjust Counter-Strike 2 sound if you can’t hear footsteps

This is how to adjust Counter-Strike 2 sound if you can’t hear footsteps

The developers have added new improvements to Counter-Strike 2 game settings in recent updates. It’s helpful to spend a few minutes listening to the sounds.

04.10.2023 – Valve officially released Counter-Strike 2 last week. After the “closed” beta at the beginning of September, you can already guess that you won’t have to wait long for this step. the Game It’s nowhere near perfect, but there are updates literally every day. In the meantime, it is Nvidia AMD has also updated its drivers, so it’s worth keeping them up to date for an optimal experience. Since its announcement in March, Valve has added a lot of features to the game, including some that not everyone noticed at first. This includes sounds as well.

As usual, the usual recommendations on the Twitter interface are coming. It may be helpful to try these things, of course, but their effectiveness may vary from person to person. We would be much better off if we tried to understand what the functions in the menu do and infer the appropriate behavior for us.

This is what Counter-Strike 2 settings do

Sound settings in Counter-Strike 2

Fortunately, the community has also been here several times in the past few days Originated Ask on Reddit and Twitter. Let’s see what each option is good for:

  • Equalizer Profile: Crisp – EQ, equalizer, and multi-band tone control. It can be used to emphasize or suppress certain tones, whether low or high. Valve has made several profiles of them. One of the recommended ones is Crisp. With its help, we can hear the footsteps better, while the “bass” of the weapons will be less annoying.

  • L/R isolation at 0% – This mimics the way a real ear works. In fact, if the sound comes from the left direction, both our ears perceive it, but the left ear is stronger, louder and a few moments earlier. This is a 0% position. If we set it to 100%, sounds coming from the left side will only be heard on the left side, in a completely unnatural way. 0% is recommended, but you can also try values ​​between 20-60%.

  • Perspective correction: Yes -This improves the 3D feeling, shaping sounds according to the viewing angle.

    • you can try Perspective correction: No setting, if we play with VR glasses (this is not possible yet) or if we sit too close to the screen.

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Hopefully, thanks to the above descriptions, you can easily customize Counter-Strike 2’s sounds, but you definitely need to spend a few minutes on it.

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