Exatlon: It's over, we have a duel for sure on Thursday, and it's going to be tough

Exatlon: It’s over, we have a duel for sure on Thursday, and it’s going to be tough

The rules of Exatlon Hungary All Star have changed again, and it has already been revealed who the competition will have to duel tomorrow.

As mentioned earlier, events in the Dominican Republic will accelerate, to put it mildly, much faster than before. It can also mean that there will be no more uploads, so no one is waiting for new arrivals.

If that was really the case, Dóri Buzás, one of Season 3’s biggest stars, who also won a silver medal in Season 2 of Farm VIP, wouldn’t have returned, so you could have won a whopping amount twice. Heaven there decided otherwise and it seemed he wouldn’t be a part of the All Star team.

Monoki Lehel announced that the rules are changing again, which means that the final games will consist of only one day and will revert to the old points system. In fact, there will be a duel tomorrow, Thursday, and one of them will have to leave the girls.

The Champions and Challengers rose accordingly, feeling that this was indeed the finish line and it would be much lower in no time. Although the two teams competed head-to-head for some time, the rivals were noticeably better again, which also made the day, and put the champions in a difficult position.

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