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Euro 5 diesel engines are not banned after all

Euro 5 diesel engines are not banned after all

Although in Italy there have long been zones where, for environmental reasons, only those who live in a certain area or go to work can drive to it during the day (such ZTL zones are usually created in major cities, such as Milan, Turin), but The government would have tightened restrictions further.

According to the plan and summer news, the Euro 5 diesel block will be rolled out in the Piedmont industrial region of northern Italy from September 15, 2023. Although the ban will not apply to all settlements, “only” to 76 large cities, many people will suffer from it . According to the numbers, there are 140,000 families currently using cars that operate according to the Euro 5 standard.

Certainly, many people could not have changed their car in a short period of time – we are practically talking about the weeks that the regulation would have left them to buy a new car. There was no mention of government financial aid or incentives.

Of course, what will happen to their old car will be an unresolved question, because if it is banned in many cities, who will buy it?

The Italian leaders did not risk this madness. On September 7, the government postponed the cessation of Euro 5 diesel production in Piedmont by decree. From October 1, 2024, settlements with a population of at least 30 thousand inhabitants, which have an adequate local public transport network with high air pollution values, have the right to ban Euro 5 diesel engines. Compliance with the decree will become mandatory from October 1, 2025.


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