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Esport 1 – All esports in one place!

Esport 1 – All esports in one place!

There are still three spots left for hire in the Legends stage, but who’s going to take it? Stay with us today and we’ll find out!

It goes on Another CS: GO Major, after Apeks, FaZe and NIP also fought to advance. Meanwhile, OG, TheMongolz, and Complexity said goodbye to Paris. So, when we get to the last day of the Challengers stage, there are only three spots up for grabs, but we can expect very fierce fights, nothing has been decided even on paper. After all, teams like paiN, Liquid, GamerLegion, Monte, FORZE and Grayhound are still fighting for these places – it would be hard to guess who would be the runner-up. But let’s see exactly what happened yesterday!

The third day of the Major started with the elimination stages. Monty’s match against the Mongols looked interesting early on only because the Ukrainian-majority team has instant veto power from Inferno, which TheMongolz has been blazing for months against the best in the world. Although this was an obvious disadvantage for them, they fought hard all the way: They came back from about 4:11 on Nuke, even led for a short time on Anubis, but eventually lost both lanes.

In the match between GamerLegion and OG, after a close but lost overhead pass, Digester, flameZ and NEOFRAG tied the game with a dominant Mirage play. However, Siuhy and his comrades beat them to Ancient with a beautiful T-side, to which they had no answer. with this Banana team Deal a blow to OG that might force them to make a drastic change in Nexa’s absence. The third elimination rally was pretty simple compared to these: the Liquid players narrowly closed the field after a 12:3 T-side on Anubis, then by delivering 15 sectional laps on the Overpass, showed their compatriots where to swim in the first half of the country. For Liquid, we like to note that every day you can hear some interesting interviews from them, but one of them revealed that YEKINDAR is IGL in most areas. Good to know.

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There was also a lot of excitement at the promotional rallies. FaZe played against FORZE, for example, and after the RMR, many people legitimately wondered what they were going to do with that pressure? After all, they almost managed to screw everything up there too from 2-0. But it seemed that the team was now more serious, and so was the performance of the individuals. After the beautiful Overpass CT site thanks to the rain, victory was only a matter of time. However, Fours came back from 15:3 and they were only three rounds away from overtime before FaZe finally delivered the final blow. Not exactly the most comfortable win, but it is a win. Coming to Nuke, Twistzz shone in the first half. After Team T tied 9:6, the teams competed head to head for a longer period. But thanks to the rain’s great play—and, to the surprise of many, Carrigan—they were able to stay above water and win the series.

We ended the day with Apeks-paiN and Grayhound-NIP meetings. First, both teams made their own choices (Ancient 16:11 for Apeks, Vertigo 16:13 for paiN), so Anubis decided the fate of the series and the place for the next stage. However, the Brazilians were unable to stop STYKO on the final competitive court, as the European team led by JL and jkaem dominated after a tight first half. And in the latter game, though they fluctuated occasionally, NIP was the favourite: Aleksibés finally took Mirage and Inferno relatively easily, although the Australians had a few heroic moments in both sessions.

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Results at the end of the third day

Hungarian broadcast

The Paris Major is broadcast live in Hungarian Esport1TV May 8-21 between. Don’t miss the latest CS: GO Major, you can follow today’s matches with us according to the schedule below:

05.11. – Thursday
11:30 – FORZE vs GamerLegion
15:30 – Monty vs. Payne
19:30 – Grayhound vs. Liquid

Cover photo: HLTV / brcho

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