Why isn't a missing Ziccer the most worrisome of Verstappen?

Why isn’t a missing Ziccer the most worrisome of Verstappen?

Although Verstappen outperformed Lewis Hamilton in the league, he was weaker than expected at Red Bull in Istanbul, and changes in the authors were not conducive to the pressure of their cars. However, given one of Toto Wolff’s statements, we can’t reassure ourselves that they just stumbled and that Mercedes hasn’t moved forward.

While on the cheesy side Lewis Hamilton in Russia made the most of his rivlisa brtnkrtyjln championship and won the race, Max Verstappen couldn’t do the same with an inverted hand in Russia, finishing second. Br gy also scored an extra point for Hamilton than he had lost to him in the previous race with the engine, and he can earn as many points as he could have with one win.

The Red Bull crew did a lot with the car, but Valtteri Bottas did not jeopardize Valtteri Bottas’ success for a moment, although the Finn did not blink gently in his F1 career.

In the past, second place was the best result among such conditions in 2018 Nmet Nagydjrl, usually prgs-forgs, underperforming marked by the fact that such conditions are common in Verstappen. “Our car wasn’t perfect, it was an advantage without them. We have to investigate because we weren’t able. I think they came first,” said the Dutchman.

Bottas won first place in Formula 1, and Verstappen couldn’t helpForrs: Getty Images / Getty Images / Red Bull Content Pool / Peter Fox

Red Bull was also surprised by the match role more than expected. A day ago, our colleague Christian Horner suggested that in Mons and Sochi, Mercedes would probably be better because of the more powerful engine, and it didn’t take the next place on the list, and the most important in the fall was Istanbul. What are the possible reasons for this?

Good wine upsets the balance

Both decided on Friday to work on Verstappen, he figured a few times about undercut, and he’d get stuck in the middle of the turn. His teammate, Sergio Preez, was fired as soon as possible, which was probably due to a difference in their driving style.

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No good settings were chosen from the base, later they could only mitigate the problem.Forrs: Getty Images / Getty Images / Red Bull Content Pool / Dan Mullan

“I think it’s partly due to the asphalt,” Verstappen said on Saturday of the only slight difficulty. The corridor was sprayed with jets of high pressure water to make it more interesting, and artificially gentle on the surface. According to Ferrari Carlos Sainz, “The grip was one of the best of the season, and the worst of all was the best.”

In addition, Pirelli, in addition to noticing the interference of jet aircraft, cleaned the tire elements in defiance of the large rubber load and did not take the toughest tires to Istanbul.
The latest change didn’t affect Red Bull, but the wheels stick better to the asphalt.

Adhesion was central again in tmaForres: Anadolu Agency via Agence France-Presse / 2021 Anadolu / Onur Koban

A rangids szakjsgr, Mark Hughes A RaceIn an article published in, he explained that in the case of improved grip, the performance of the first and cold tires increases relatively exponentially, but due to the larger size, the coolant increases better in absolute terms. As a result, the balance tilts back and decreases. But how much can this team give Red Bull? The answer is in their car press.

The general concept used here does not work here

It was the steep floor impacts that increased the RB16B’s visibility. Hughes noted that the aerodynamic trough of such cars is usually more advanced in slow corners than in flat tunnels like Mercedes.

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However, this phenomenon was curbed in Istanbul by a stronger grip on the cold tires than expected, the low-profile jersey did not follow Red Bull’s imagination.

All this helped Prez, who, like many previous teams, often struggled with the particular behavior of the car, so Verstappen was less able to turn it in his favour.

Breeze Juniors TA Caesar Ltd. DobograForrs: Getty Images / 2021 Getty Images / Mark Thompson

The situation was aggravated by the fact that, due to the lack of steering, the angle of the front tires was not optimal for traction. Does the question arise that a cooling wing that produces fewer depressors would be a good solution? Yes, that definitely moves the balance forward and also favors peak speed, Verstappen entered the field in the previous race in this formation. But Hughes said more of that would have cost him a dollar, and the network was unprofitable. The asphalt is very smooth and smooth in Sochi, where it was possible to arrange a smaller depressor, which Perez agreed on Friday.

That day, the AWS simulation collected the results that Red Bull was only a tenth of a second behind the Mercedes in the slow corners, and they were more dynamic at medium speeds, but out of the line in the straights.

htvg wasn’t for red bullFurres: Anadolu Agency via Agence France-Presse / 2021 Anadolu / Sirhat Cagdas

On Friday night, former racer Sebastien Buemi worked on the simulator to improve the settings. It’s hard to see how successful it is, since Verstappen Ziggo SportsThe situation improved only “a little”, “the world has not changed much, because I have always suffered from underdevelopment.” Horner talked loosely about the development after the race, but it sounded more like a motivational statement.

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Tny, a wetland practicing on Saturday, seized the opportunity to make a difference, but it is still unusual for an Alpha Tauri and Ferrari to reach Verstappen by a tenth of the time (ironically, Pierre Gasly has not led such a hand with Red Bull at the time ). Or Charles Leclerc would call for two seconds after the same tactic mid-race. It is also possible that the rain that fell on Sunday pulled Red Bull out of the pipeline and prevented it from reaching the finish.

The pants lead the championship, and everyone turns to chase the bells. Obviously we’ll keep the reason a pretty good secret if they go in, not even a stumbling block to their league chances.

Has the level of Mercedes reached?

As Verstappen pointed out, it turns out that in Turkey, not only Red Bull has gone from the usual level of cowardice, but also Mercedes, only in a positive direction. “We need to speed up the strait,” Horner declared after the race.

But with the difference between the engines, it’s hard to explain why Mercedes is so far ahead,

Because in Istanbul, it was one of the lowest number of storied sections in the season so far. 59% of the slope and 72% of the distance depend on the Mercedes numbers. Of the sixteen plots of land in Monaco and Hungaroringen, the number was smaller, but Istanbul and Barcelona (59/69) and Zandvoort (61/70) followed with nearly identical values.

gy that not Hamilton mgtt became second, it may be a misfortune for VerstappenForrs: Getty Images / 2021 Getty Images / Mark Thompson

Technical development for 2021 was stopped, in principle, by both settlements, and Hamilton did not accelerate from the new elements. Make sure equipment is available. “Initially we used help with a configuration that was not done in the latest v. The further we go, the more conditions we can evaluate and perform more and more,” Toto Wolff said on Saturday.

The car was better than it was in the Spring or Neron.

In other words, with the help of flat floors and optimum number settings, they became more familiar after the floorboard was discovered by standard changes for a while. When Mercedes appeared at the height of the season in 2018, Ferrari couldn’t control it. Now Red Bull has to be very careful not to get the cheese out of their mouths.

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