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What can we expect from Gamescom this year?

We list the announcements to expect and what we hope for from the event in Cologne.

In today’s raging superhero fever, we’re getting more and more business that is, to put it mildly, boring. Who cares if heroes are good and villains are bad, that’s already an expired record, so studios are trying to turn to more special projects to stir up still water. The Netflix For example is Umbrella Academy It turned the comic books into a series, the third season of which hit the platform this year.

Although the series was positively received by both critics and audiences, and even has a very large number of views on the platform, the question has long been whether there will be a sequel. Recently, fans can calm down because Netflix They announced that they had ordered season 4Unfortunately, the project has been canceled, as the next chapter will be the last.

Constant fans of the series are happy with the news, but many people are terribly upset, saying that the platform puts the best series on its show and this is unfair. naturally Netflix It is also understandable, because it is a rather expensive project, which, despite its quality, costs a lot of money, but with this decision, I think, they just dig a hole under themselves, leaving subscribers in the hands of the competition. How do you feel about the matter?

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