Netflix is ​​getting stricter in Hungary too, and those who share their account with others will receive a warning

Netflix years ago Even support password sharingBut now they are fed up with vagabonds and have taken serious action against them in many areas. The company has now announced in a statement that the restrictions will come into effect in Hungary as well, and will soon inform those concerned in a message.

With a Netflix subscription, up to 5 user profiles can be created and multiple people can watch the content simultaneously, but officially, the account can only be shared with people who live in the same house as us. In the past, this wasn’t taken seriously, but last year it was already heard that the company had enough users snooping that they would take action against password sharing.

According to a recent announcement, the new measures will also be introduced in Hungary. People who share their account with people outside their household will get a reminder that the Netflix subscription is only for the people they live with.

Netflix offers those concerned two options (in addition to blocking users from using the account):

  • Those who use our subscription from another household can transfer their profile data to a new account of their own, which they sign up for separately.
  • A guest user can be added to our private account for a monthly fee of HUF 990, so Netflix can be practically shared with someone who doesn’t live with us.

It is not yet known how the company will control and filter out-of-home sharing, but according to promises, it won’t be a problem if you’re watching Netflix while traveling or on vacation. There is a good chance that those whose accounts are permanently used in several places will receive a warning.

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Source: Netflix

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