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Emmanuel Macron launched a multi-speed Europe

Emmanuel Macron launched a multi-speed Europe

According to the French president, the bloc must be brave to find a way to integrate the candidate countries.

This is what French President Emmanuel Macron said

Perhaps the EU should move in the direction of a multi-speed union when it contemplates the integration of Ukraine, Moldova, and the countries of the Western Balkans.

According to Macron – from Politico quoted The EU needs reforms if it wants to integrate new countries and will have to build consensus with more than 30 member states.

We can expand without reform. With 27 members, it is already difficult for Europe to make progress on sensitive issues. It wouldn’t be easier with 32 or 35 members either

This came during the annual meeting of French ambassadors in Paris.

The French president has not spelled out how a multi-speed Europe would work, but according to several French officials, Macron’s government is working on several proposals aimed at achieving exactly that, which could include the creation of informal groups of member states that will work on specific policy areas.

Macron also hinted that he would detail his ideas on enlargement and EU reform in the coming months and before next year’s EU elections.

Ukraine and Moldova achieved EU candidate country status in June, and many people are calling for the EU to start accession negotiations with them by December.

Despite indications that the Ukrainian counterattack is progressing more slowly than expected, Macron once again reiterated his full support for Ukraine.

“Russia cannot and should not win. Trust in international law will end. Ukraine will be a diplomatic investment and resource for years to come. We can’t pretend that effort didn’t exist.”

Sarkozy will decide the situation in Crimea through a referendum, and Macron condemned it

French President Emmanuel Macron confirmed that France does not recognize Russia’s annexation of Ukrainian lands. Read more >>>

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