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The Barcsay Museum Square will once again host Szentendre Jazz Evenings in the first weekend of June, and organizer Ferenczy Múzeumi Centrum (FMC) will present eight special concerts at the festival, jazz critic Kornél Zipernovszky, festival music editor, said MTI.

FMC now traditionally organizes jazz evenings for lovers of various styles of this genre in the intimate courtyard of the museum. The organizer said that the entry ticket to the festival is also valid for all FCM museums this weekend.

The organizer noted that the program that takes place between June 2 and 4 includes many musicians who have established the jazz tradition in Szentendre in recent decades, and this year the festival will be closed by the legendary quartet Mihály Dresch.

Opening day on Friday features crossover and modern jazz. Students of the Vujics Tihamér School of Music will present themselves, as well as a Viktor Tóth Folktales production with saxophones for schoolchildren. The audience can hear guitarist Oláh Szabolcs’ Silent Call set in a joint performance of the composer’s quartet and an accordion string quartet. The evening concludes with compositions by Daniel Szabo, activist here and in the United States, with the participation of the newly formed Daniel Szabo Quintet.

On Saturdays, atmospheric bebop and jazz melodies greet the audience. After the concert of the Oláh Krisztián Quartet, the recently formed Supergroup can be heard – László László (guitar), Kornél Fekete-Kovács (trumpet), József Barcza Horváth (Double Bass, Bass Guitar), Balázs Elemér (drums) ) – at the Jazzplosion premiere by Szőke Nikoletta, where all members contribute their own compositions to the colorful show.

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Sunday is spent in the spirit of ethnos. At the Ektar Instrumental Quintet concert, one of the most famous representatives of Hungarian ethno and world music, Szőke Szabolcs, played his compositions on the gadulcan, and his four companions – most of them also on special instruments – overshadowed them with folk music melodies, chords, unexpected rhythms and unusual timbre, true to the essence of world music . And Kornel Zepernovsky informed that the closing concert this year will be held by Mihaly Drisch and his band, the Drisch Quartet, with its members the famous Hungarian Miklos Lukas.

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