The time has come: Eva Sebrje has made an announcement

“I have performed several times in Sportarena with Neoton, but this will be my first big solo concert there. We played with the band in Budapest Sportcsarnok in 1998, then in Arena in 2005, last time with Família. Since then we have been working under The name is Neoton Família Sztárjai, and we’ve been in the ring five times, most recently last year.” – Éva Csepregi has been called up to MTI.

Photo: Sandor Pusztai

He recalled that he had been planning a large-scale solo concert for a long time, and He feels it’s time for that, he’s in full force and he has a lot to say. He explains that at that time, together with Neoton Família and later, he released several solo albums at home and abroad, worked with Bob Heatlie, dám Végvári, and also produced jazz material under the title Neoton Swing.

“In the concert next January, I also want to sing things I don’t or rarely do, while of course I’ll also perform unmissable songs, like Santa Maria, Summer’s Here, Tomorrow Until Dawn or Over 220. I’d like to tell you a few things about the audience, while also providing archival photos in the background” – he added.

He said he was always very proud of Neoton’s 1979 record, Sunflower, the band finding itself there, the distinctive disco sound that made them recognizable abroad, especially in the Spanish-speaking and Japanese markets.

The concert scheduled for two and a half hours next January will consist of three thematic parts, the stars of the Neoton Família will take the stage in a separate block with Éva Csepregi. In addition, the singer will be accompanied by a band of famous musicians, led by her son, drummer, singer David Heatley, who will be on stage all the time, as he has been a regular member of the Neoton Família Stars for many years. Andrea Szulák and Erika Náray take the stage as guests, the arrangement is done by Balázs Deseő, and the concert is conducted by Márk Radnai.

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“At the end of each concert, I bid farewell to the audience by asking them to listen to the songs, because all life lies in them. They are about us, our love, our daily lives, the love of literature, history, and were created by the creative team working within the band” – noticed the singer.

When asked by MTI, Eva Seprigi said that she kept in touch with many old fans who went to their concerts during Newton’s greatest hits in the 70s and 80s, but at the same time there are also young people in the audience, partly because of her son’s solo successes.

Eva Sebrje confirmed that she enjoys the variety work. She performs regularly with Neoton, solo and in duo Ádám-Éva, also sings in hit films with Kati Kovács and others in Retro Páholy productions, and has been an actress for decades, most recently playing in Neil Simon’s play Külünterem Across the Country.

In his own words, he experiences the salience of retro as a gift, and he himself often experiences a kind of nostalgia for the 70s and 80s, although life was not easy until then. In June, the stars of the Neoton Família will take to the stage in Debrecen and Budapest Park at the International Retro Disco Festival, as Boney M, Eruption, Ottawan or Sandra.

Newton wrote songs again during the coronavirus pandemic, and the material, titled Remastering, released in 2021, contains new recordings from the band three decades later. Éva Csepregi added that new songs have also been created recently, which will be published in the near future.

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In addition to Éva Csepregi and Dávid Heatlie, Neoton Família Sztárjai’s line-up includes Ádám Végvári (guitar-vocals), János Baracs (bass guitar), László Lukács (guitar) and Andrea Lukács (piano, vocals).

The history of Neoton dates back to the 1960s, and its founders were Laszlo Pachtor and Lajos Galacz. The group playing acoustic pop music has been amassing success after success for over twenty years from the end of the 1970s, achieving several gold records in Japan, and in 1983 they received a grand prize at the Yamaha Festival in Tokyo for their song Time Goes By. One of the official songs of the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, Korea, sung by Eva Seprigi and Leslie Manduki.

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