Actors received water at the sale of the coastal park.

The open session of the representative body was cancelled, and the debate in the closed session came to a roar in Balatonvillagos, At the closed-door meeting Monday evening, it was decided whether the settlement would waive pre-emption for some areas along Lake Balaton. However, Mayor Karoly Takaks removed the topic from the agenda at the start of the open meeting, causing outrage, as the civilians present were unable to comment on the proposal or ask questions. However, no decision was taken in the closed session either.

Administratively, Club Aliga in the Balatonaliga district belongs to Balatonvilágos, however, Appeninn Holding acquired the majority stake in Pro-Mot Kft. , who owns the estate, which was initially owned by Lőrinc Mészáros, and later became of the interest of István Tiborcz. However, in 2020, both of them left the company, and Club Aliga beach can be freely visited. Locals have been fighting for years for a free public park and beach in the area.

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Was Elijah Club’s environmental permit revocation a hoax?

The decisions of local governments suddenly became irrevocable for the government. In Balatonvilágos, the majority of the representative body sided with the pro-government investors, while the civilians in the minority won an important battle in the fight for free use of the beach.

However, they had already dreamed of a large hotel investment there, and then the owner company decided to retire and sell the area to private owners – this caused great discontent. The government decision classified luxury hotel plans as investments of special importance from the point of view of the national economy precisely because they were classified as tourism investments. However, according to local civilians, there will be no tourism development, since the owner divided the territory into 15 parts – according to them, this is because he wants to sell it in this way. However, if these areas are owned by a private owner, they can also isolate them – thus excluding the local population from the coast.

The indignation was only intensified by the fact that after the closed session, actor Andras Bukowski said: From the sales contracts he saw, it was deleted that the new owners should guarantee free use of the beach.

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