The Minister of National Defense bought a specialty in Káptalantóti, where there is also a property of four hundred square metres.

He had almost wiped out his savings of nearly eight hundred million last year Asset declaration According to Minister of National Defense Krzysztof Szalai-Bobrovinsky, you don't have to dig too much into the document to find out why his savings dropped from 773 million to 30 million:

In 2023, a property with an area of ​​717 square meters was purchased by XII Company. Distract.

However, in addition to his existing lands, the Minister of National Defense has also invested in a major area of ​​four hundred square meters in Kaptalantut, which is located on an area of ​​14,288 square metres. He did not sell his existing properties and lands. He has the Minister of National Defense

  • Two of his apartments, other than those mentioned above, are located on the 12th. One area is 74 square metres, the other is 85 square metres,
  • He has a 3,455 square meter vineyard in Badacsonytomaj, with a house on it,
  • He has a plot of land in Tabajdo with an area of ​​10,373 square meters.
  • But he also has forests in Tabajdo with an area of ​​35 and 42 thousand square metres.
  • Geolachen has vineyards and pastures with a combined area of ​​6,745 square metres.
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Krzysztof Salai-Bobrovnitsky keeps part of his funds with the Fund Management Holding Company, its nominal value is just over fifty million forints. The amount of his life insurance has also changed: while it was just 2.9 million last year, it has now swelled to 3.6 million. He could also lend it to someone, because while he had “only” one hundred million forints last year, this year it had risen to 110 million.

He has been able to pay off little of his own balance: this year he entered into debt of only 55.6 million forints, while in his asset declaration last year this amount was 58.5 million forints.

As we already wrote, in recent years, Parliament has touched on the asset declaration system several times, but this has not changed much as the entire reporting period has remained mostly pro forma: