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When the head of the family living in London heard it radically Energy prices are risingHe knew he had to take immediate action. The colder months didn’t want all of their money indirect costs spend, which is why it is extreme restrictions introduced in his family.

Shavdar Todorov, 53, wants to save as much money as possible, so he demands more effort from his wife and children. decided to They do not consume more electricityso instead of turning on the lights, they use cheaply bought headlights to shine in the dark. “We don’t yet know exactly how much money we can save using this method, but we’ll see at the end of the month. In the meantime, we’ll do our best.” – said Todorov optimistically, who sometimes allows his family to watch a small TV.

They are also very careful about heating, turning it on only once a week, and on other days they spend time in the house fully dressed and wrapped in blankets. His wife, Moda, and children, 14-year-old Teo and 20-year-old Nicole, sometimes struggle Rules developed in the name of savingsbut they try to think positively: “Instead of warming up, we kept the jacket at home, but I couldn’t make a close friendship with the headlight. Because it’s so dark in the house in the evenings, I get scared sometimes.” said the woman.

To reduce the gloom, they light candles, which he says has a romantic touch.

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