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One billion forints of the additional funds will be allocated to support non-profit, social, non-governmental organizations and public bodies – of course, this does not say what organizations receive and how this may relate to the election campaign.

The government’s decisions on Monday evening will allocate large amounts of money mainly from various reserves, but the increase in the Prime Minister’s personal expenditures by HUF 770 million will be at the expense of “EU developments in the Economic Restart Fund”, including the “recovery and resilience tool”.

Biggest and Biggest Items: Ft 1 billion in additional funds are earmarked to support non-profit, social, non-governmental organizations and public bodies – of course, it doesn’t show which organizations are receiving and how that might be related to the election campaign. Public collections (museums) will receive 4 billion, unspecified arts will receive 9 billion, and soon the Hungarian Opera will receive 2.7 billion. 1.4 billion has been provided for the development of a municipal nursery, but this is taken from the section entitled “Home nurseries and the Family Nursery Development Program for Non-Government Supervisors”.

Subsidies to the church are increasing by a billion, and in another schedule, church projects have increased by another 2.4 billion from the Prime Minister’s Office. Employee spending will increase by 1 billion in the Ministry of Human Resources, and the Ministry of Innovation and Technology will receive 1.4 billion in addition to this. 3.8 billion cumulative expenditures for regional development, 1.7 billion to support tasks related to the implementation of sports development concepts, and 1.9 billion to the National Trust Fund for “Property Upkeep and Maintenance.” The municipality of Kerkage will receive 9.1 billion to support the development of a leisure and sports complex – the second notably large sum after 4.4 billion in December for the small town of 20,000 people – and 1.1 billion to support stormwater drainage.

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Not all of these amendments are included in the 2022 Budget Law, which was passed by the National Assembly as early as the summer of 2021. As recently described, the budget was rewritten 85 times in 2021, that is, on average every 4 hours for 4 days, and it looks like this will continue this year as well.


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