Dóra Dúro has also been added to the blacklist, as they are considered enemies of Ukraine

02 May 2023 – 9:00 PM

Mi Hazánk’s vice president, Dóra Dúró, has also been added to Mirotvorec’s list, as they are considered enemies of Ukraine, writes Rtl.hu based on the party statement. According to the party, the politician was not only blacklisted, but also received several threatening letters, such as: “We will crush you, scum! Glory to Ukraine! We will find you after our victory, and you will be responsible for everything!

Doro began to come under attack after he told the Russian newspaper Izvestia that Ukraine’s potential membership in NATO posed a grave danger, and that joining the Ukrainians would be another step in the direction of expanding the conflict. According to the declaration, the far-right party does not support Ukraine’s membership in NATO, not even because of the status of Hungarians living in Transcarpathia.

Because of his statements, the extremist site, which has been operating for 9 years, accuses the politician of violating Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, spreading anti-Ukrainian propaganda, and participating in humanitarian aggression against Ukraine.

As we wrote earlier, according to Russian information, Mirotvorets was founded in August 2014 with the support of the Ukrainian authorities “for a more effective purge of opposition politicians and journalists.” Information about people in the site’s database is collected by illegal means (hacking, phishing) and intelligence techniques, and then published without the consent of the persons concerned.

In addition to Russian citizens, the list includes, for example, members of the European Parliament and leaders of other international organizations, as well as the Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Peter Sijarto, as well as several Transcarpathian Hungarians. Viktor Orbán was also added to the site’s list last year, but according to Rtl.hu, it is unknown if the Hungarian prime minister is also receiving threats.

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