An unprecedented attack took place: Ukrainian armored personnel carriers broke through to the Russian border

A legion of anti-Putin Russians posted it recently They have “liberated” the village of Koznica and are advancing on Gragorón. There is only one problem with this ad:

Both settlements are located within the internationally recognized borders of Russia, in the Belgorod region.

Videos and photos of the incident have also emerged:

At the same time, the Russian media also announced this The evacuation of the population has begun from Gora Podol, northeast of KozynkaThe Russian National Guard and the Armed Forces are building defensive lines in the region.

It borders the Kharkiv region of Ukraine In the Belgorod region, Russia has long expected a hostile offensiveAccording to available information, dangerous defensive positions have been built in the area, but it is understood that Moscow did not keep its forces on high alert.

At the moment, it is highly doubtful what kind of success the Russian volunteers fighting on the Ukrainian side can achieve with a surprise attack, which, judging by the constantly leaking videos, They also received tanks from Kyiv:

More details soon.

The cover image is an illustration, made in 2015. Credit: Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

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