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Don't panic if you receive such a message on behalf of OTP!

Don't panic if you receive such a message on behalf of OTP!

Hardly a day goes by without receiving scam emails or messages on someone's phone, the sole purpose of which is to give cybercriminals access to sensitive data, which they can then use to defraud unsuspecting people who click on the links received.

The scam can be done in the name of mail order, Netflix or even banks. A new attempt from the latter has now arrived in our mailbox, which instead of the lost payment, this time draws our attention to the need to update the OTP application.

24. He – If you receive such a message, you should delete it immediately.

The message is considered suitable for phishing, because even though the sender's email address is suspicious (in our case,, except that the main part contains the well-known OTP logo and the bank's distinctive white and green image. Even the wording does not contain critical errors, and at the end of the text about the importance of updating mobile advertising there is a link that must be clicked to continue.

When you put the cursor on the link, you can immediately see that it does not lead to the OTP page, but if you click on it, you will be taken to a web page that perfectly copies the official interface of the bank, which can be even more convincing than the message. At the same time, you should not fall into the trap of professional representation and in no case provide any data requested by the site.

24. He – Very convincing, but this is not the official website of the Prosecutor General's Office.

Remember that updating mobile applications is not done through messages or by accessing the bank interface, this process can always be done through the official application store of your smartphone.

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If a similar or identical message arrives in our mailbox, the only correct action is to delete it immediately.

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