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Does Steiner feel pregnant with the Netflix fame?

Does Steiner feel pregnant with the Netflix fame?

Haas Team Leader Günther Steiner He thought On how he rose to fame thanks to the Netflix show Drive to Survive.

Steiner almost immediately became one of the main characters in the Netflix series Drive to Survive when the series was first introduced to the world on the streaming platform. Because the show focused on the character of the sport rather than just racing on the track, Drive to Survive quickly put Steiner in the spotlight as sports watchers loved his tough and outspoken style of driving.

The show gave Steiner a reputation comparable to that of Red Bull’s Christian Horner and Mercedes’ Toto Wolff, but said the fame felt like a “burden”. He spoke to the British Mirror about it:

“I just did my job, and people loved what I did. Liberty Media and Netflix made the most of it and suddenly a bunch of people knew you! It’s not something I invented years ago, and I didn’t think ‘I have to be like this, I have to be different.'” It happened. It’s that way, and sometimes it’s too much of a burden. Everyone watches you, so much gets to know you.”

However, Steiner is willing to welcome the loss of his obscurity, as the general popularity of F1 figures enhances the sport as a whole:

“All things considered, it’s good for Formula 1. If the younger generation is interested in F1, it guarantees our future. And I’m not alone – many others are also participating. It’s just the modern era of F1, it’s what people want to see. We gave them What they want to see, and suddenly you’re in the spotlight. It’s more stressful now than it was three or four years ago, but you expect it and live with it. I have more interviews to do today. At the same time, you can ask everyone on the team, no Something is changing.”

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As for why his character resonates so much with viewers of the show, Steiner believes it is because there is no acting, no faking in the way he appears:

“I think it’s because I don’t change – they picture me working, not playing anything, that’s why I don’t watch it. I have no intention of changing. I don’t think it will make me happy with the way I see myself or the way I play, so I’d better not look at it and just be who I am I do the same job. If people like it, great. If they don’t like it, that’s okay too, and I wouldn’t pressure myself about it. I think people love it because it’s honest, no acting. Personally, I don’t have any social media channels at all, thank goodness – that can hurt! “

Coming is Steiner’s first book, which offers a behind-the-scenes insight into Formula 1!

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