Devastating floods in Australia: Reports of the displacement of nearly 15,000 people (photos)

At least two people have died in floods in eastern Australia, and 14,500 people have been displaced, authorities said on Tuesday.

Disaster relief reported the deaths from Queensland, several settlements were evacuated in neighboring New South Wales, and the Meteorological Service warned of more storms and flooding.

A submerged car in Camden, New South Wales on March 29, 2022
Source: Dean Lewins / MTI / EPA / AAP

And a record amount of rain fell in the region at the end of February, and 22 people died in early March as a result of the ruling, and the flooded rivers inundated cities from the outside world, washed away dwellings and roads, and took animals with them.

The flooded Wilson River in Lismore, New South Wales on March 29, 2022
Source: Darren England / MTI / EPA / AAP

In March, the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) drew attention to the irreversible consequences of climate change for Australia, experts say, in addition to floods, the number of bushfires, droughts and cyclones is increasing on the continent.

Cover photo: A cyclist looks at a flooded area in Lismore, New South Wales, March 29, 2022 Photo: MTI/EPA/AAP/Darren England

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