Szijjártó: The Hungarian House was created in London in the United Kingdom

Péter Szijjártó said there will also be a Hungarian school and theater hall in the building over the weekend, where exhibitions and performances for local Hungarians will be held.

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The prime minister emphasized that many Hungarians live in and around London, work or study there, but Until now the city has not really had a home worthy of Hungarian culture, Hungarian society, and the preservation of Hungarian identity.

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The government purchased a large iconic building “in order to preserve and highlight our culture in London in a place befitting Hungary, the millennium of statehood”. – said Peter Szijjártó.

He asserted that the new Hungarian house would be a new meeting point for the Hungarians living in England.

“There will be a theater room, there will be a café, and we will organize exhibitions and performances,” the minister said, adding that the possibility of a weekend school for children and teaching of the Hungarian language would also be available.

“In order for the house to be really decent and able to receive Hungarians, it will now be renovated, and once the renovation is complete, Hungarians living in and around London will be able to take possession of it in a few months,” he said. Peter Szijjártó.

The Prime Minister expressed his hope that “this house will serve the Hungarians living in and around London as a new meeting point, and a new force for community building”.

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