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Could Australia’s famous white lotus survive?
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Could Australia’s famous white lotus survive?

Official information has been revealed about the upcoming season of the highly successful White Lotus series, which has garnered 10 Emmy Awards. After inviting series creator Mike White and series lead Jennifer Coleridge to a festival in Sydney, the director announced that the third season of the series might be filmed in Australia, and it might be a prequel to the story in the works.

The series was originally planned as a one-season mini-series, but it now looks like it’s going to become an anthology – with different characters each seasonSource: © HBO

The first season of White Lotus took place in Hawaii, and the second in Sicily. “I dream of reaching every continent; now Australia has to be next” – White said at the press conference, which took place over the weekend.

As he said: Australia fits the picture in every way. There is a lot of amazing talent working there and the location is undeniably beautiful. White also talked about a possible prequel, which would focus on Tanya McQuaid, played by Jennifer Coleridge. According to White, it would be very interesting to see the cast be 20 years younger.

In response to a question, Coleridge confirmed that although his character would not appear again in the third season, he also votes for Australian filming and is not against making a pre-production. The 61-year-old star of the 10 Emmy-winning sitcom also won a Golden Globe this year for his role in White Lotus.

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