Coronavirus: The epidemic is receding in most parts of the world, and Hungary is not asking for more from Pfizer

Coronavirus: The epidemic is receding in most parts of the world, and Hungary is not asking for more from Pfizer

Taiwan has seen a rise in new cases of the local Coronavirus, and the country is facing a more serious epidemic than ever before, and it was announced on Thursday that an employee had been seized at the residence of President Kaj Jingfen, but the president’s test was negative.

Taiwan has been cited as an example of effective control of the epidemic for months, but 1,572 new infections were recorded in the past two weeks, indicating a sudden jump in the number of patients. The majority of the injured were from Taipei and New Taipei, which borders the capital. Although the number of positive tests has decreased in the capital, the epidemic situation is the worst in New Taipei.

According to information received from the Central Epidemiology Tribe (CECC) on Thursday, 267 new cases were recorded last day, and the number of new cases was in the three figures for the sixth day. On the island of 23.6 million people, 2,825 people have been infected with the Coronavirus since the start of the outbreak, of whom 1,699 are inside the country. One person died on Wednesday, so 15 deaths are already linked to the coronavirus.

For at least five hospitals, the infection of doctors, nurses, and other staff is a test case. The Committee to Combat Economic Crime and Corruption has called on journalists to keep away from people waiting in long lines by shooting at test stations because it is too dangerous to interview them closely. From Saturday, due to the pandemic, Parliament will suspend its work for a week.

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Xavier Zhang, a spokesman for the Presidential Office, said President Cag Jingfen’s coronavirus test was negative. The test was carried out after it was found that a caregiver of a politician at the presidential residence had contracted the virus. Caj Jing-ven has a reputation for being an animal lover, with three “retired” guide dogs among his pets.

In Taiwan, less than one percent of the population has been vaccinated with AstraZeneca so far, but four hundred thousand new doses were received on Wednesday thanks to the COVAX program. Taiwan has collected twenty million moderna and AstraZeneca vaccines, and home-made vaccines will be in use from July.


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