Volkswagen revealed what the fate of the battery factory depends on, which could even be built in Hungary

Volkswagen’s battery needs until 2028 will be met by the three plants already announced in Europe – the Salzgitter plant, the Northvolt plant in Sweden and the plant being built in Valencia, Spain, said Thomas Schmoll, chief technology officer and member of the Volkswagen Group. board of directors.

Volkswagen continues to aim for 240 GWh of battery production capacity on an annual basis to meet its own needs, but it will be able to achieve this with fewer European plants rather than the previously planned six.

We reserve a 240 GWh plan. But whether we can achieve this with five or six factories depends on the incentives that each country provides. There is no final decision on this yet

said the technology manager.

Schmoll described it as a misunderstanding that announcing investment in a battery factory in North America would impede European plans. Volkswagen wants to wait for the European response to the US IRA (Inflation Reduction Act) subsidy package.

The battery plant in Valencia last year announced the start of production in 2026. The CTO noted that the concern would not even need to decide on another investment until 2025.

He added that, knowing the European response to the IRA, they could decide on new European locations sooner.

The fourth plant is likely to be built in an Eastern European country, or in East Friesland or Saxony in Germany. In total, the Volkswagen concern will build as many as six battery factories in Europe.

As already detailed, Hungary is also competing for a Volkswagen battery factory:

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Cover photo credit: Sina Schuldt/picture alliance via Getty Images

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