Coronavirus again hits a ship in the ocean: nearly three thousand people locked in their cabins

Coronavirus again hits a ship in the ocean: nearly three thousand people locked in their cabins

Genting Cruise Line, a cruise ship called World Dream, went on a three-night trip near Singapore with 3,000 people on board when On Tuesday, a passenger was found to have the coronavirus. The passenger took an antigen test before takeoff, which turned negative, however, during the flight, contact research revealed that he had been in close contact with a coronavirus patient prior to the flight. The passenger was isolated and tested immediately, which gave a positive result.

According to Reuters, the ship’s passengers were ordered into their rooms at 1 a.m. local time, and only crew members doing essential work were allowed to move aboard the ship.

It had 1,646 passengers and 1,249 crew members on board. Passengers were kept locked in their rooms until they could leave the ship at 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday.

Passengers of the infected person tested negative but left the ship separately from other passengers, along with those who had contact with the coronavirus passenger on board. The contacts were determined based on the guests’ smart devices, key cards and onboard camera footage. Those who did not come into contact with the affected passenger were asked to complete a form and required to undergo a rapid test at the port terminal.

The shipping company’s next two-night voyage was supposed to start on Wednesday on the ocean liner World Dream, but the trip was cancelled. Flights resumed in November 2020, completing 103 flights with 130,000 passengers on board so far, the first case of coronavirus infection.

Last year, when the coronavirus epidemic spread, ocean liners They were among the first epicenters of the epidemicSeveral ships were quarantined after the infection spread rapidly among the passengers. Cruises all over the world resumed in the second half of the year, but thanks to increased epidemiological measures, not a single case has occurred in recent months. In December, 1,700 Royal Caribbean passengers were locked in their cabins for 4 p.m. after a suspicious case was found.

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