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Compelling evidence suggests that Egypt's pyramids were built, and brutal construction helped thousands of years ago, says a new theory

Compelling evidence suggests that Egypt's pyramids were built, and brutal construction helped thousands of years ago, says a new theory

the Egyptian pyramids It is among the most magnificent structures in the world, its grandeur overshadowing its majesty. For centuries, scholars and experts have been divided over how these buildings were built thousands of years ago. How long did the work take and who were the builders? Science has already answered many questions. In the past, archaeologists also found an explanation for how huge stones weighing several tons were transported.

The dried up basins of the Nile now meandered between the pyramids, and this circumstance made it easier for the builders, who were very well paid, their work was appreciated, and they also received additional services.

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Contemporary documentation is only partially available, allowing only an insight into certain points of the work. Some tomb drawings give insight into the way the blocks were transported. But they don't talk about how they were able to lift the stones into place. But experts have developed theories based on knowledge of Egyptians at that time (evidence exists elsewhere).

There is a type of wooden machine that could help the Egyptians while working. This was also mentioned by the Greek historian Herodotus. Researchers assume the presence of complex disc structures, evidence of which has been found elsewhere in Egypt.

But this knowledge was later lost, so it is very difficult to reconstruct them, although scientists have made efforts and many theories have been created about these structures.

The video below sums it up, so you haven't seen these theories together yet:

(via archaeologist)

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