Car Park 19 officially opened

Car Park 19 officially opened

At the moment, 60 cars can be parked in the area for a parking fee of HUF 240. The demolition of Courtyard 19 began in March, and it is possible that the technical handover of the area will take place at the end of July.

Berta Christian said the contractors and colleagues of Via Caniza I visited. They would have finished the works much sooner, but they worked against the wind, and only managed to open the new downtown parking facility.

– Everyone knows how dilapidated Arena 19 was and something had to be done about it. We have planned this so that the government says what its intentions are with this area, with this block, we would like to create a parking lot in order to alleviate the parking problems in the city center, to facilitate the traffic for schools and shops that are here, to get to the school we will also facilitate parking Cars coming from school. This is how we decided that we wanted to create this car park – said Berta Christian, representative of the local government in Yves.

At the moment, Via specialists have painted 60 parking spaces in the crushed basalt stone area, but according to measurements, up to 110 cars will be able to park in the parking lot. During the design, they tried to take care of the average width of the cars, leaving a distance of 2.6 meters between two places. When creating the pass order, the company took into account the rules in force around Erzsébet tér.

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– We created the pass order by creating a one-way entry and exit option. When exiting, we made sure to ensure left and right direction at the moment of exit. This means turning to the stop sign at the corner of Erzsébet tér. It is also possible to exit the car park towards Erzsébet tér and Magyar utca –

István Szabó told our employees that next week flowers will be planted in pots in the parking lot, and parking barriers will be installed. We’ll cover the delivery process in more detail in our Friday show Napi Kanizsa.


(Cover Image: Canissa TV)

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