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Canadian Grand Prix: data from the podium winners

Canadian Grand Prix: data from the podium winners

The Canadian Grand Prix was also dominated by Max Verstappen, who achieved an important achievement for his team with his latest success: he took Red Bull’s 100th victory. Behind him, two former champions, Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton, finished after a good battle on the track – let’s see what the three have to say after the wave !

Max Verstappen (Red Bull) – 1st

I’m so happy! This race wasn’t clear because the tires were a challenge, they behaved differently than on Friday. I was slipping, but we managed to get them to work. This is the team’s 100th race win, which is incredible. I never expected To achieve such numbers, we can achieve them. We are enjoying the success and we will continue to work hard. It was difficult to keep the tires warm because the knob disappeared quickly. That is why there was probably no advantage at the time. But the most important thing is that we won. The fans are very excited, It even rained at the end of the week, but they persevered. It’s always great to see this, and I hope we come here many more times, because it’s always a pleasure to come!”

Fernando Alonso (Aston Marton) – 2nd place

“I was kind of expecting a race like this, but maybe we were confident we could challenge Red Bull more. But at the start, I lost the position to Lewis, and from then on I had to fight with Mercedes. Lewis was behind me at the end of the race, which put me under pressure. “So I just couldn’t let him go. It was a very good fight. I wish the pace was a little better and then it got a little tighter. But it was still tough. This race took a lot out of me. There were seventy timed laps. The team didn’t really tell me what it was.” What’s wrong with the car, I felt good. Maybe they don’t want me to worry. Given this, I hope he has more speed and next time we can put more pressure on Verstappen.”

Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) – 3rd

“It’s a good weekend for the team. We’re closing in very slowly. Aston Martin has moved forward, their developments are working well, but we’re not stopping either, we’re going to bring innovations as well. But it’s nice to see that we’re there and we’re getting better and better. It’s great that To be here on the podium, Montreal is such an amazing place, it’s great to have so many fans coming out. Thank you to them! It’s an honor to be standing on the podium alongside two world champions. I was excited to get third and be with them. Unfortunately, the speed wasn’t there today We knew it wasn’t going to be our best track because the car didn’t do well in the slow corners. And I ended up losing to Fernando in those. Actually, at every turn. So we still have work to do, we need to improve downforce and make “The car is more efficient. But we’re progressing well, at some point I think we’ll be on their necks, but Max was quite late at the start. We might have been closer today in terms of pace. We’re definitely moving in the right direction.”

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