But spectators cannot return to sporting events

Contrary to previous plans, spectators will not be able to return to sporting events in Britain from next Thursday.

However, spectators cannot return to sporting events yet (Photo: AFP)

Michael Gove, Secretary General of the Cabinet Office Coordinating the Work of the British Government, said on Tuesday that the second wave of the Coronavirus epidemic will not allow for the mass reopening. He added that there are still plans to gradually open the stands to the masses, but this is not the right moment to start all of this.


The government planned to allow sports facilities to operate with a minimum of 25 percent and a maximum of 33 percent from October 1, with matches and competitions held behind closed gates since the resumption of summer.

Michael Gove said the virus does not spread outdoors like it does indoors, but due to the nature of sporting events, gatherings often occur at entry and exit points, or at buffets, for example.

“We realize that sport is a vital part of the life of our nation and we look at what we can do to support our athletes and clubs in this difficult period.” He said.

According to a BBC report, more than a hundred British sports federations have signed a jointly written letter requesting Prime Minister Boris Johnson an emergency aid package on the coronavirus pandemic.

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