Biden is preparing to veto it, and the Republicans will re-warm Trump’s platform

According to a statement released by the White House on social media, Joe Biden, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorcas, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin held a meeting to prepare for the expiration of legislation allowing expedited deportations. Illegal Border Crossers (Address 42) at midnight Thursday.

According to the brief announcement, the meeting focused on work across federal agencies and partnerships across the Western Hemisphere to

Dealing with regional migration humanely through enforcement, deterrence, and diplomacy.

At the White House briefing on Thursday, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas confirmed that after Regulation 42 expires, its place will be replaced by the still-existing Law No. 8, which allows for “expedited removal” of illegal immigrants. They are prohibited from entering the United States for 5 years.

The minister emphasized that the borders are not open and will not be opened after the rule change. At the same time, in response to a question, he admitted that chaotic conditions could develop at the borders, and added that government measures would appear after some time.

On Thursday, the House of Representatives voted on a border protection law. The legislation, passed by the Republican majority 219-213, the Democrats voted against, among other things, addresses border patrol increases, technological developments, continued border fence construction, and “stay-in” renovations. Mexico program” that was introduced during the Trump administration.

President Joe Biden has indicated earlier that if the legislation is brought to him, he will veto it.

According to Thursday’s Border Protection data, in the first three days of the week, authorities caught more than 30,000 illegal border crossings in the Mexican border section.

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MTI writes that the most difficult situation occurred in Texas, on the US-Mexico border. The governor of Texas has appointed a special Border Patrol unit from National Guard units at the border, which has erected barbed wire barriers along the Rio Grande in several sections.

Only in the El Paso region, since December, has a barrier been erected at 28 kilometers at the border, Sean Strode, chief of operations for the Texas National Guard, said, but now, in preparation for a change in the law, passages have been opened on it, where they will give migrants the opportunity to leave the country and avoid consequences. illegal border crossing.

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