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Britain under quarantine – News TV

An entire country has been isolated by the nations of the world. First France, then the Benelux countries, and finally the other member states of the European Union announced that they would not accept British flights. Many countries around the world follow suit: Forty countries announced Monday night that they would suspend flights from Britain.

Loss of passenger traffic is not just a problem for the British. Stopping shipping is a more serious blow. Dover and Calais are the two busiest ferry ports in the world; During the peak shipping period of Christmas, an average of 10,000 trucks pass between the two ports every day.

Due to the lack of a Brexit agreement, there is a great deal of uncertainty from the start, as companies do not know the conditions under which goods can be transported from the British Isles to the European Union or vice versa. Residents are confused by the government’s inability to communicate clearly and unequivocally about the curfew restrictions it will impose on holidays. Residents have begun to buy basic foodstuffs, and by Monday there was a temporary shortage of some foodstuffs in supermarkets. Products such as citrus fruits and lettuce are out of stock, all of which are imported from the European continent.

Boris Johnson announced that he was negotiating with the French on several levels, and he himself spoke with President Emmanuel Macron over the phone, but he did not say anything specific about the outcome. The British Prime Minister also brought good news.

I can report that more than half a million people have already received the first vaccination. As we have seen during the epidemic, the virus spreads quickly from one country to another, so it can only be overcome through international cooperation, and we do our part in providing vaccines around the world.

British Prime Minister said.

Within the United Kingdom, infections for the new coronavirus variant, particularly in London, could be 70 per cent higher than previously identified variants. Virologists say mutation is a natural process, and the Director-General of the World Health Organization has warned against panic.

Viruses change, this is a natural process we have been expecting. Although the new variant spreads faster, there is no evidence that it causes more severe symptoms or increases mortality.

– With these words, the mood of the Director-General of the World Health Organization in Ethiopia is reassured.

Laboratory results show that this type of virus can replicate in greater quantities in the upper respiratory tract, but fortunately the antibodies of the previous variant prevent this as well, which means that anyone who is already infected does not need to worry and that vaccines are suitable for prevention.

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