Britain won the Golden Lion for Best National Show

The British Pavilion opened this year at the Sonia Boyce Feeling Her Way exhibition. As the international jury explained in an announcement after the award, Boyce “offers a new reading of history through sound”: the multimedia installation features five female musicians (Bobby Agoda, Jackie Dankworth, Sophia Gerenberg, Tanita Tikaram and Erolyn Wallen). . The booth’s video can be viewed here.

The French Pavilion at the Zineb Sedira Gallery. Source: ARTnews

The French Pavilion, where a special award was given to Zeinab Sedira’s multimedia project Les reves n’ont pas des titres, and the Ugandan National Gallery for the first time at the Venice Biennale, titled RADIANCE: They Dream in Time.

Colin Sekagogo: Photo Album 017 – I Own Everything, 2019-22 (extract from The Ugandan Pavilion). Source: ARTnews

Simon Lee won the Golden Lion for her colossal statue at the entrance to the curating exhibition. This year, the US Pavilion is also dedicated to an exhibition by a New York artist who explores the architecture of the female body and the traditional culture of the African American diaspora in her art.

The Silver Lion, one of the most promising young artists in the curatorial exhibition The Milk of Dreams, has been awarded the Lebanon Prize for Cherry based in Paris, and special awards for Ashona Chauvini from Canada and Lynne Hirschman Leeson from America.

The Golden Lion Lifetime Achievement Award, as previously announced, was recognized by the jury for the work of Katharina Fritsch of Germany and Cecilia Vicona of Chile.

Statue of Simon Lee at the entrance to the Curators’ Gallery. Source: The Art Newspaper

At this year’s Venice Biennale, more than 80 countries will be represented with their special exhibitions in the pavilions of the Giardini Garden, the historic halls of the Arsenale, or outdoor venues around the city. Cameroon, Namibia, Nepal, Oman and Uganda are performing for the first time, but the Russian pavilion was left empty this year because invited Russian artists there backed out in protest of the Ukraine offensive.

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Zsófia Keresztes and Mónika Zsikla in the Hungarian Pavilion for the Venice Biennale. Source: MTI

In the Hungarian Pavilion After Dreams: I Dare to Defy Damage, visitors can view the Zsófia Keresztes Gallery, which is made up of 19 statues. This challenges the damage to the project of a private message, but in the face of gloom and departure, it creates the initial insight between dream and reality necessary to interpret the present, as praised by Zsófia Keresztes Gallery.

Organized by the Central Gallery Cecilia Alemani, the gallery’s lead curator, displays a total of 1,433 works by 213 artists, mostly female, from 58 countries in two locations, the Giardini Garden and the Arsenale Historic Halls.

Vera Molnar: 2020cone 2020, 2020. Source: ARTnews

The gallery features works by Hungarian artists, Vera Molnar, who lives in Paris, and Agnes Denis, who works in New York.

The collection chosen is The Milk of Dreams by Leonora Carrington. He borrowed his title from his volume. In this nonfiction book, the Mexican-English writer and artist depicts a magical world that is constantly being recreated with the help of imagination.

How does the concept of human existence change? What is the difference between plant, animal, human and non-human existence? What is our responsibility to those like us, to other life forms, and to the planet we inhabit? How would life be without us? ‘ – asks Cecilia Al Yamani in her coordination program.

Geza Burros, Head of the Venice Biennale Bureau at the Ludwig Museum which organizes the Hungarian participation, praised the Al Yamani exhibition earlier and told him:

Until November 27, the Venice Biennale of Fine Arts awaits visitors with a number of accompanying events, youth and other programs throughout the city. The exhibition Zsófia Keresztes will be presented by the Ludwig Museum in Budapest after the conclusion of the Biennale, between 15 December 2022 and 26 February 2023.

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Source: MTI

Cover photo: British Pavilion with an exhibition by Sonia Boyce. Source: The Art Newspaper

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