Border control between two European countries will be abolished

The Czech Cabinet introduced Slovakian border controls at the end of September due to migratory pressures. According to Rakusan, the situation has improved greatly since then, so this extraordinary measure could be dispensed with in the future. However, police officers will continue to monitor border crossings and green borders in greater numbers.

“The government is ready to change its decision if necessary,” the minister added. On the other hand – Vet Rakusan mentioned – EU regulations only allow member states to temporarily control the internal Schengen borders for a period of four months. The minister said that joint Czech-Slovak police guards will continue to check trains on the Slovak side.

The Czech government withdrew soldiers and customs officials from border guards a week ago. According to Prime Minister Peter Fiala, this was another step towards ending the state of emergency on the Czech-Slovak border.

The Slovak government repeatedly criticized Prague’s move harshly, but the Czechs stood by their decision. However, at the meeting of the two heads of government in Prague in November, they agreed that the problem should be solved primarily by strengthening the guarding of the external Schengen borders.

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