Bonn - Tooth Summit and Fifth Place

Bonn – Tooth Summit and Fifth Place

The 127th Hungarian Athletics Championships for adults was held at the Lantos Mihály Sports Center in Budapest, where the provincial rookies did not win a medal, but Anna Toth (DVTK) improved the record to 13.23 seconds in the women’s 100-meter hurdles heats. He is held by Claudia Soroc, with a time of 13.27. The athlete, preparing for the World Cup in Colombia (Cali), finished fifth in the final as he flipped in the eighth round and lost his pace.

He is going to South America

According to the official programme, the qualifiers will take place in the South American city on Thursday, August 4, from 11.05 am Hungarian time. If the student of coach Joseph Tigi advances, then the semi-finals will begin the next day, Friday, at 17.05, and if the athlete from DISCURE enters the finals, he will begin at 17.40 on Saturday, August 6. Anna Toth is currently fourth in the world’s junior rankings.

In the national championships, Benjamin Munuki, who was still in the top eight in the men’s triple jump (his best improved to 14.57 meters in qualifying), Fani Baka in the women’s 100-meter hurdles, Banak Zakani in the 3000-meter hurdles and weightlifting Ladies Noble Rita. Miskolc Sports School and Tiszaújváros SC are also represented in ob.

Athletics: the facts

Men’s 100m: 9. Chapa Kiss (Tissaujvarus) 11.04 seconds, … 16. Lindy Marton (Tissaujvarus) 11.24.
Men’s long jump: 13. Eric Pinter (DVTK) 644 cm, … 15. Benjamin Monoke (DVTK) 618.
Men’s Triple Jump Benjamin Monoke (DVTK) 13.70m.
Women’s 100m Dam: 5. Anna Tóth (DVTK) 13.38sec, … 7. Fanni Bacsa (DVTK) 14.30.
Women’s 3000m Hurdles: 5 Zákányi Panna (DVTK) 11: 53.99 min.
Women’s Preliminary Rounds 6. Noble Rita (DVTK) 12.78m.
Women’s Javelin Throwing: 13. Rita Nemes (DVTK) 38.03 m.
Al Sadd Women’s 400m: 9. Simon Zsuzsa (Miskolk Athletic School) 1: 09.76 min.
Women’s long jump: 14. Lőkös Flóra (Miskolc Sports School) 5.22 m.

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(on the cover: Anna Toth [középen] She finished fifth in the 100 SD Finals).

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