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Ede Teller’s favorite student also comments on the local celebrity doc

Ede Teller’s favorite student also comments on the local celebrity doc

TrendFM, November 17, 2023, 12:40 PM

All six MVM Future Talks documentaries are now available, featuring local celebrities presenting the most pressing global challenges affecting humanity and our planet, as well as their scientific solutions. Among the films, viewers can vote on which three topics they would like to see on the science talk show, the seventh part of the series, on November 23. On the programme, local experts will weigh in on their ideas about the future, but world-famous American theoretical physicist, Dr. Michio Kaku will also share his thoughts.

This season of the MVM Future Talks science series focuses on six key topics affecting global challenges, or “planetary frontiers.” These topics include energy security, food, transportation, climate change, the state of waste, the social benefit and risks of artificial intelligence. The season opened with a series of documentaries produced by local celebrities and opinion leaders around the world, personally examining global challenges and presenting possible solutions through science.

the Rosina and Sala (food safety) respectively Norbert Ospath In the series that started with the theme “PamKutya” (Transport), two new episodes were uploaded every week on the official MVM Future Talks website. Viewers got to know him last week Nora Nancy Erdog A video examining the present and future of artificial intelligence, with special attention to deepfake technology and the creation of alternative and false realities. became available at the same time Csaba Magiarossi A short film about the issue of climate change on a journey from Dubai through Austria, the Netherlands and the Maldives to Iceland, showing the changes that are now clearly visible with the naked eye as a result of human interventions. Caused global temperature to rise.

Starting this week, the final two Ambassador contents are also available. Gabor Bazso That is, Karota’s documentary examines the present and future of energy security, while the YouTuber Brown frowned His film, shot in California and Nevada, draws attention to the increasingly pressing global waste problem.

This year, viewers will also have the opportunity to have their say on the science show’s theme. Based on the results of online voting on the site, it will be determined which of the global challenges presented in the documentaries will be included in the broadcast on November 23. On the science talk show, Hungarian scientists and experts clash their ideas about the future. In addition, the world-renowned American theoretical physicist, writer and futurist, and a frequent guest on the most popular American radio, television and talk shows, will speak about the three most important topics included in the program. doctor. Michio Kaku He will also share his thoughts.

Michio Kakura, a nuclear physicist of Hungarian origin, was noticed by Eddie Teller at a national science competition held in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and with his help won a Hertz scholarship. Over the years, he has published articles in physics journals covering topics such as superstring theory, supergravity, supersymmetry, and hadronic physics. Kaku is the author of several textbooks on string theory and quantum field theory. In addition to his scientific work, he has also promoted science in numerous television shows and films, and has millions of followers on social media.

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